SiSi proudly showcases our signature wine from the owners, Terry and Noel Neelands, very own award winning boutique vineyard, Solo Contigo.
A vineyard in the Valle de Uco, Mendoza, in the heart of Argentina, and the only Canadian vineyard of its kind.
Mendoza is world renowned for producing the crown jewel of Malbec varietals, and hence, the Valle de Uco was selected for the site of Solo Contigo.
Boasting a 'Trifecta of Nature', the Valle de Uco's high altitude, alluvial soils and optimal variety in temperature, from hot days to cool nights, create forces of nature that yield lush and flavourful grapes.
These grapes vary in colour intensities, enhanced aromatic elements and rich textures, making them an ideal model for the artful craft of winemaking that takes place here.
Solo Contigo's premier winemakers and illustrious vineyard crew proudly dedicate themselves to scientifically and artfully crafting the best quality wines. 
Indeed, they collectively thoroughly evaluate and plan harvesting around the weather conditions, and review and measure their results. Their skilled farmers perform all work by hand, from planting seeds, to stripping leaves, to full harvesting. Grapes are evaluated anecdotally by look, feel and taste, as well as tested in the vineyards own laboratory for empirical analysis.
From Solo Contigo's Valle de Uco vines to your glass, SiSi's is delighted to share this special experience with you!



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